The Sam Simon Crew

Meet the crew of The Sam Simon


Adam MeyersonAdam Meyerson
Captain – United States

Born in San Francisco, Adam grew up sailing and exploring nearby Tomales Bay. He saw his first whale – a Grey – swim by a pier he was fishing from when he was 10. Unfortunately, that whale stranded and died on the beach.  Read more...

Andrew CorrellAndrew J Correll
Photographer - Australia

Going on Operation Relentless, is far removed from my day-to-day role as a regional manager for a national IT company. As Philip Wollen recently noted at the Melbourne fundraiser, whales are loved the world over, and the world has voted as one to halt commercial whaling.  Read more...

Benjamin HarrisBen J. Harris
Quartermaster - United Kingdom

I was born and bred in London, England. From the day I learned what the ocean was and what it contained I have been captivated and drawn to it. Every year when I was asked where I wanted to go for my Birthday, the answer was always the same: the sea.  Read more...

Bianca FigueiredoBianca Figueiredo
Deckhand - Brazil

I’m a Biological Scientist from Brazil. My passion for the ocean started early, spending holidays in my auntie’s place by the beach. Coming from a conscious family, I grew up interacting with the natural environment around me and learned to love and respect every single being as an equal.  Read more...

Chris BallChris Ball
Third Mate – Australia

My love for the Ocean developed from a very young age having grown up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and being fully immersed in the surf culture. Becoming a divemaster in the 90's on the Great Barrier Reef introduced me to the underwater world.  Read more...

Chris HoldenChris Holden
Medical Officer – United Kingdom

I'm joining the Sea Shepherd crew for the first time and am equal parts nervous and excited. As the medical officer aboard The Sam Simon for Operation Relentless, it is my job to make sure the crew remain fit and healthy during the campaign.  Read more...

Elissa-Sursarra-portrait-125wElissa Sursara
Quartermaster - Australia

Returning as a Quartermaster with Sea Shepherd, Operation Relentless will be my second Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign to protect whales from illegal poaching in their Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  Read more...

Errol PovahErrol Povah
Second Mate - Canada

Born and raised in Nanaimo on the west coast of Canada, I've always enjoyed both working and playing in, on or near the ocean. Among other things, I’ve worked as a lifeguard in my teens, served three and a half years as a Radioman in the Canadian Navy in the late 70s...  Read more...

Giacomo GiorgiGiacomo Giorgi
Bosun - Italy

I've been following Sea Shepherd sporadically since the mid 90s and constantly since the beginning of the new millennium. I've been passionate about animals and the natural environment since I was 14 and have wanted to fight to defend them ever since.  Read more...

Hillary WatsonHillary Watson
Cook - Canada

Animal activism runs in Hillary’s family. Hillary was introduced to Sea Shepherd through her uncle, Captain Paul Watson, at a very young age, and is very happy to be part of the crew. As a vegan, animal rights activist, and environmentalist, Hillary is volunteering to fight for those threatened by industry and commercial practices.  Read more...

Iraultza DariasIraultza Darias
Photographer – Spain

My name is Iraultza, and I am 24 years old. I come from La Gomera, a small island in the Canary Islands. On the ship I work as a photographer. Photography is one of my main passions, and I feel absolutely and utterly privileged to be able to show the world, through my lens, what is going on in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  Read more...

Jessica GuertinJessica Guertin
Deckhand - United States

I have been living on The Sam Simon as a deck hand since June 2013 and have loved every minute of it. Originally a native of Metrowest Boston, I arrived in Australia six years ago as a student and have remained on its beautiful coastline ever since. I am passionate about cultural heritage/survival and environmental protection.  Read more...

Joseph NarteyJoseph Nartey
Engineer – Ghana

I was born in Ghana and in 1979 I started working on the sea as an Engineer. I really loved it, but shortly after taking on this career I found myself working on a fishing trawler. I was appalled with what they did, as they were catching everything and killing everything.  Read more...

Kylie MaguireKylie Maguire
Deckhand - Australia

I grew up by the ocean and feel an urgency to protect it more and more everyday. Operation Relentless will be my second consecutive Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign on board The Sam Simon.  It is such an honour to be directly involved in stopping the illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean...  Read more...

Marcel WensveenMarcel Wensveen
Communications Officer - Netherlands

Since 2008 I have been working with Sea Shepherd. Before that time I worked in public services in the south of the Netherlands where I was responsible for the radio communication network and control centers. As time went by I realised that life is about more than just having a career, a house and a company car.  Read more...

Nicholas AllanNicholas Allan
Deckhand - Australia

I’m from Brisbane, Australia. After finishing school I went to university and majored in Political Science and Journalism. While this expanded my social awareness it also showed me that the world’s governing bodies repeatedly fail to act when it comes to making necessary changes, implementing preventative strategies or enforcing laws.  Read more...

Patrick MatchettPatrick Matchett
Chief Engineer – Australia

I am looking forward to using my 25 years of experience as a marine engineer to the ultimate good use by keeping The Sam Simon shipshape on its three month Relentless campaign to save the great whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  Read more...

Rafaella TolicettiRafaella Tolicetti
Chief Cook - Italy

I am the chief cook on The Sam Simon and this is my fourth Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign. I joined Sea Shepherd in July 2010 on board The Steve Irwin after finishing my degree in Political Science in Rome, Italy.  Read more...

Stephanie LewisStephanie Lewis
Deckhand – United Kingdom

I grew up a long way from the sea, or anything that could be described as the natural world. It wasn’t until my late teens that I realised how integral the environment was to our own survival and began campaigning on environmental and social justice issues.  Read more...

Susan LarsenSusan Larsen
Deckhand - United States

I am a long-term animal liberation activist and a worker/owner of the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco. I am excited to join Sea Shepherd once again as a member of the deck department onboard its newest ship, The Sam Simon.  Read more...

Wyanda LublinkWyanda Lublink
First Mate - Netherlands

G’day, I was born in The Netherlands and I have always had a passion for animals. When I travelled around Australia in 1996-1997 I started scuba diving and my real love for the ocean began. In 2007 I moved to Australia.  Read more...


Film Production Crew

Daniel SingletonDanielle Singleton
Producer - Australia

This will be my first trip with the Sea Shepherd on campaign to Antarctica. I am proud and excited to be part of such a worthwhile cause. I have followed Sea Shepherd for many years and was inspired to be involved after watching the Sea Shepherd Galapagos documentary with Captain Alex Cornelissen and made by Tim Watters.  Read more...

Das PettersonDas Patterson
Camera Operator - Australia

Das has worked in Australia and abroad as a film and performance artistic director who changed direction to working behind the camera. He has been a vocal supporter of the Sea Shepherd and other conservation initiatives for many years and has recently become a Sea Shepherd on shore volunteer.  Read more...

Jeff WirthJeff Wirth
Camera Operator - United States

My love of videography has developed organically through my work with a variety of socially progressive, animal rights and politically active organizations over the past decade. I love filming passionate people who are doing inspirational work.    Read more...

Joshua SpongJoshua Spong
Camera Operator - Australia

Having grown up near the coast and going whale watching as a child, I always had a love for the gentle giants of the oceans. I am a career cameraman and have been in news since I left high school at age 17. It’s in this role that I have seen humans at their best and their absolute worst.  Read more...

Tamara RichmondTamara Richmond
Media Manager - Australia

I knew from a young age I wanted to stand up for what is right on this Earth, even if it meant putting my own life on the line. It wasn’t a hard decision I had made, though it was kind of like when a bird knows to migrate for the winter. Something inside of me just told me this was what destiny had in store for me.   Read more...

Tim KahnTim Kahn
Sound Recordist - United States

In the large view of defending whales and the ocean and the planet, recording sound seems like an impossibly small part of the puzzle. As a location sound recordist for the last ten years I have taken on the task of recording the sounds of the places disappearing around the world, the quiet places.  Read more...


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