The Bob Barker Crew

Meet the crew of The Bob Barker


Peter HammarstedtPeter Hammarstedt
Captain – Sweden

Born in Sweden, Peter, 29, joined the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as soon as he was old enough to submit an application. He is the Director of Ship Operations for Sea Shepherd Australia and sits on the Board of Sea Shepherd Global.  Read more...

Adam TaylorAdam Taylor
Communications Officer - Ireland

I started volunteering with Sea Shepherd back in 2009 after I returned from travelling. During that time I visited many countries and was constantly faced with abuse of the environment, human and non-human animals.  Read more...

Alex DiPietroAlex DiPietro
Deckhand - United States

I joined The Bob Barker as a deckhand right after I finished high school in northern New Jersey and have been working hard on preparations for Operation Relentless. This will be my first campaign with Sea Shepherd...  Read more...

Andrea GordonAndrea Gordon
Quartermaster/Small Boats Navigator – United States

Growing up in Georgia, my passion for protecting animals first began on land.  While working with Sea Shepherd in 2005 to save baby harp seals from the Canadian sealers’ brutal clubs, I developed a profound desire to preserve marine life. Before joining the Whale’s Navy, I worked as a public defender in New York City...  Read more...

Anna GreerAnna Greer
Quartermaster - Australia

I am a Sydney-based Jivamukti yoga teacher, writer and activist. Last year I was the cook on The Brigitte Bardot for Operation Zero Tolerance and this year I am very honoured to be able to serve in the Whale’s Navy on The Bob Barker for Operation RelentlessRead more...

Anna HaskovecAnna Haskovec
Deckhand - Australia

I’m a 22 year old deckhand on The Bob Barker. My family has always held a dedication to conservation and environmentalism; as the child of two Kakadu park rangers I was raised with a keen understanding of the careful balance in which we live.   Read more...

Bastien BoudoireBatsien Boudoire
Second Mate – France

I was born in October 1989 in southern France to a family of farmers and shepherds. Taking care of the sheep and goats was our main occupation. It was a great childhood, as we were always outside with animals. I guess that my love and admiration for nature started at that point.   Read more...

Ben AjalaBen Jahnel
Third Mate – Ecuador

I grew up in a small equatorial island in the eastern pacific, 1,000 kilometers away of western South America. Growing up in this micro cosmos with very finite resources I saw globalisation change the world in which we all live nowadays...  Read more...

Ben ReesonBen Reeson
Deckhand - Australia

I’m 32 and from Sydney, Australia. This is my first campaign with Sea Shepherd and my role on The Bob Barker is Deckhand and Crane Operator.  In the past I’ve had many different jobs including working in the shipping industry and driving cranes...  Read more...

Biaggo ComeriatoBiaggo Comeriato
Deckhand – United States

I have always had deep fascination with the ocean and the mysterious life that dwells within. Visiting the shore often growing up, I would always stand along the shore and look out to the horizon, and feel as though I was standing at the top edge of a vast unknown universe.   Read more...

Cristina CelyCristina Cely
Quartermaster/Medic - Chile

I grew up in the city, but my dad always made sure I was in contact with nature. He often took me to the beach and every time I went I felt like I was home. I still feel like this today, but the difference is that now it is actually home, the enchanted Galapagos Islands....  Read more...

Erwin VermuelenErwin Vermeulen
Chief Engineer – Netherlands

Erwin is Dutch and has been working for more than twenty years at sea.  During periods of leave, he spent his time traveling around the world to a growing realization that all the natural beauty that he visited also needed protection.   Read more...

Lex RigbyLex Rigby
Bosun’s Mate – United Kingdom

I began volunteering with Sea Shepherd in 2006 to fundraise for the whale defence campaigns. Unlike a lot of the crew onboard The Bob Barker I didn’t grow up around the ocean or have experience watching the degradation of marine life in my local waters.  Read more...

Marianna BaldoMarianna Baldo
Photographer – Italy

A naturalist since birth and a vegetarian since the age of 11 (despite the misunderstandings of my family), I graduated with honours in Natural Sciences with the dream to create reportage and to take care of animals and nature because I have always had a special association with them.  Read more...

Michael BeasleyMichael Beasley
Designer & Deckhand - Australia

From my proud beginnings as a Melbourne onshore volunteer to my current role as a deckhand and designer on board The Bob Barker, I have felt honoured to serve under the flag of the world's most effective marine conservation organisation...   Read more...

Oona LayolleOona Layolle
First Mate - France

I’m Oona Layolle, I’m French and I’m 30 years old. I am a qualified Master 5, and I am First Mate on board The Bob Barker for Operation Relentless.  I joined Sea Shepherd in May 2011 for the second Blue Rage Campaign in the Mediterranean Sea.    Read more...

Phil PetersonPhilip Peterson
Bosun – United States

I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I am 55 years old. Growing up where I did, I have experienced what it's like living on the ocean most of my life. Seeing the diversity of the ocean, and seeing first hand what impact humans have on the estuaries and fisheries back home led me towards conservation and joining Sea Shepherd.  Read more...

Sarah AbbottSarah Abbott
Cook – England

I am from Poole, a seaside town in the south of England and so for as long as I can remember I have been interested in marine environments and the wildlife they support. This later led me to study natural history illustration at university and these interests  compelled me to become an animal rights activist.   Read more...

Shamus ToomathShamus Toomath
Deckhand – Australia

I joined Sea Shepherd in early 2013 with the ambition to help save our oceans in whatever way I could. The oceans are not our domain, and the creatures within it are not ours to harm or kill. Sea Shepherd is one of the few societies in the world that truly stands for this notion.   Read more...

Simon AgerSimon Ager
Photographer/Diver – Canada

Feeling like something of an old timer amongst the fresh young faces, I am aged 43 years, from North Vancouver, Canada. A ship manager for The Brigitte Bardot, I’m now aboard The Bob Barker this year, as a diver, quartermaster, and one of the two photographers.  Read more...

Steffen HamtroppSteffen Hantropp
Deckhand – Germany

I was born in October of 1965, and studied welding and pipefitting in trade school. I served in the military and worked as a welder and pipe-fitter until I emigrated to the United States in 1998. There, I opened my own business doing construction and remodeling.  Read more...

Steve TrevellaSteven Trevella
Deckhand – New Zealand

Born in Rangiora, New Zealand in 1961, From an early age I have had an interest in building and seeing how things work. I spent 15 years building sets and props in the film industry in Canada. I now have my own business in Christchurch NZ...   Read more...

Willem NieuwintWillem Nieuwint
Fourth Engineer – Netherlands

I believe that Earth is a place where all living species have the right to be, unharmed and safe from humans. I became involved with Sea Shepherd a couple of years ago and last January I traveled to Taiji in Japan to volunteer as a Cove Guardian and to witness the dolphin drive-hunts and slaughters that occur there every year...  Read more...


Film Production Crew

Aisha ReynoldsAisha Reynolds
Audio Mixer - Australia

From a very young age, I had an innate understanding that animals deserve equal rights to humans. At six years old, I had already stopped eating animals and been caught more than once stealing buckets of fish from fisherman and throwing them back into the sea.   Read more...

Carolina CastroCarolina A Castro
Producer - Brazil

I have been with Sea Shepherd for over a decade now. As a filmmaker and documentary photographer I believe in the power of images and the awareness that can be brought to light by documenting environmental issues. Change starts with knowledge and understanding - only then can action follow.   Read more...

Clancy WalkerClancy Walker
Camera Operator - Australia

I grew up in Byron Bay, Australia. My passion for filmmaking was sparked early, while on a family holiday in Hawaii, my 12-year-old self took control of the camcorder and began shooting short films with my brothers. I carried this zeal for film into university to study a bachelor of Film and Digital Media in Melbourne were I now live.   Read more...

Malin FrickMalin Frick
Media Manager - Sweden

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved animals. I was the kid who rescued worms and snails from being squashed by cars and I had an endless number of wild friends. At night I went to bed to a soundtrack of roaring tigers and I slept with a polar bear teddy wrapped around my arm.   Read more...

Sam SielenSam Sielen
Director of Photography - United States

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, I developed a strong desire to help protect this planet at an early age.  I have volunteered in schools, at the local bicycle cooperatives, built latrines in the Dominican Republic, campaigned with the League of Conservation voters, and regularly partake in river, park, and beach cleanups.  Read more...

Sandra AlbaSandra Alba
Camera Operator - France

I grew up in a wild region of Southern France, and since I was ten years old I dreamt about being camera operator for wildlife documentaries. I have studied cinema and audiovisual media and I have managed to succeed in becoming a professional videographer, but not yet for wildlife documentaries, only for television and film.  Read more...


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