Willem NieuwintWillem Nieuwint
Fourth Engineer – Netherlands

I believe that Earth is a place where all living species have the right to be, unharmed and safe from humans. I became involved with Sea Shepherd a couple of years ago and last January I traveled to Taiji in Japan to volunteer as a Cove Guardian and to witness the dolphin drive-hunts and slaughters that occur there every year from September first until the end of March.

Almost every day I saw the kidnapping and killing of dolphins and pilot whales. It changed me and made me even more determined to do whatever I can to defend the defenceless and save what's left of our beautiful planet, because extinction is forever.

So here I am on The Bob Barker, ready to go to Antarctica and try to save as many whales as possible from the whale poachers. If governments don't act to stop this cruel and illegal hunt because of human greed, Sea Shepherd will defend our oceans and marine wildlife, so the whales can swim safely. We are ready for it !

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