Simon AgerSimon Ager
Photographer/Diver – Canada

Feeling like something of an old timer amongst the fresh young faces, I am aged 43 years, from North Vancouver, Canada.

A ship manager for The Brigitte Bardot, I’m now aboard The Bob Barker this year, as a diver, quartermaster, and one of the two photographers.

I still continue to feel the pull of the oceans upon me, and my love for life beneath the waves; I’m feeling a little melancholy at the start of what is now almost four years in and my ninth campaign with Sea Shepherd.

Reflecting back it has been quite the privilege, the adventure and the opportunity to get off the couch and into the thick of direct action and making a difference around the world.

With the passing of my father just two weeks before departing for Australia, my perspective on life has made me look even harder into myself and the world around me.

With my background in media I hope my photographs this coming campaign will speak for themselves, to engage, inform and hopefully inspire others to follow one’s passions and not accept the status quo. Life is for living, respecting! You never know how much time you have on this fragile rock called Earth and its fragile inhabitants are constantly under threat from the human locust.

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