Sandra AlbaSandra Alba
Camera Operator - France

I grew up in a wild region of Southern France, and since I was ten years old I dreamt about being camera operator for wildlife documentaries. I have studied cinema and audiovisual media and I have managed to succeed in becoming a professional videographer, but not yet for wildlife documentaries, only for television and film. I felt I had lost my conviction for the film and television industry because while working so many species continued to disappear and nobody cared because its seemed nobody even knew. I was desperate and had to do something, so when I discovered Sea Shepherd I knew I had to join the people who were taking action! So I took my camera and joined Sea Shepherd to show to the world what is happening behind its back, so there could no longer be any excuses and nobody who would be able to say, “I didn't know.” This campaign is not only about whales, dolphins and other sea creatures, this is about the health of the Earth, the future of humanity.

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