Phil PetersonPhilip Peterson
Bosun – United States

I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I am 55 years old. I am a retired home-builder and avid boating enthusiast. Growing up where I did, I have experienced what it's like living on the ocean most of my life. Seeing the diversity of the ocean, and seeing first hand what impact humans have on the estuaries and fisheries back home led me towards conservation and joining Sea Shepherd.

I joined the The Bob Barker in Hobart, Australia as it returned from Operation No Compromise in March 2011. I was then a carpenter/photographer, as we headed into an intensive drydock where I learned most of the ship’s systems, and under the direction of Ben Potts took on the role of small boat maintenance. Because of my small boat experience I was asked to join the crew for Operation Divine Wind as a “rookie boat driver”. I was in my element up against the whalers that year. Pottsy left mid-campaign and I was promoted to Bosun, a position I never really wanted but it has grown on me and I take my position seriously. The Bob Barker now has excellent fire/damage control systems in place and the small boats have never run better. There isn't a space on the ship where my deck team hasn't left their mark and the “Bob” is in the best shape she has been since Sea Shepherd acquired her.

Last year, Operation Zero Tolerance was my second campaign as Bosun and the most successful Sea Shepherd campaign to date. The Bob Barker held ground against a desperate and violent fleet of illegal whalers that have no regard for life on this planet. I stand proud to serve with the most passionate group of people from all parts of the planet aboard this ship. I am honored to be a Sea Shepherd.

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