Marianna BaldoMarianna Baldo
Photographer – Italy

A naturalist since birth and a vegetarian since the age of 11 (despite the misunderstandings of my family), I graduated with honours in Natural Sciences with the dream to create reportage and to take care of animals and nature because I have always had a special association with them.

Because of my university studies on the Karst, for many years my passion has led me to explore the caves, to teach speleology and to dedicate my free time and my caver experience to the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Team. My professional life led me to work in Health, Safety and Environmental Managment for about ten years, until my instincts told me to quit my job to dedicate myself to my old and new interests: a natural style of life, documentary photography, and a strong love for nature and wildlife.

I discovered Sea Shepherd Conservation Society one year ago and it was love at first sight! I felt I had found what I had spent a long time looking for, and I started immediately as an on-shore volunteer. It was time for me to put my knowledge to use. Action makes the difference and Sea Shepherd is the action that gets results! Very soon I applied to become a crewmember and just few months later I had the privilege to be part of Operation Zero Tolerance in the Southern Ocean as a  still photographer on board The Bob Barker. The strongest feeling that I  brought back home from that experience is connected with the 932 whales  that are still living free in our oceans because a bunch of Sea  Shepherd volunteers were in their sanctuary to protect them from illegal  slaughter.

I can’t imagine myself doing anything other than acting to protect wildlife and conserve their delicate habitat.

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