Malin FrickMalin Frick
Media Manager - Sweden

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved animals. I was the kid who rescued worms and snails from being squashed by cars and I had an endless number of wild friends, from Lisa the ladybug to Helge the owl. At night I went to bed to a soundtrack of roaring tigers and I slept with a polar bear teddy wrapped around my arm. Growing up I spent a lot of time in nature and was fascinated with all the animals. I learnt to recognise the sounds of different native birds and in wintertime I trekked and measured footprints of native animals.

I started travelling at a young age and my travels were always targeted to learn more about a certain animal. First hand encounters are important to me; I want to see things with my own eyes so I can inspire and educate others about how beautiful and important all animals are. All animals are important for me – from ladybugs to whales. The more I travel the more I see how humans destroy the habitat for so many species. I’ve witnessed the agricultural zones getting closer and closer to the mountain gorillas; the increased demand for palm oil and how it destroys the lives and habitats for so many orangutans.

Last year I went to the Arctic where the glaciers and ice is melting faster than ever, affecting the lives of the very precious polar bears. Now it’s time for me to go to Antarctica and Sea Shepherd has given me a great opportunity to help create awareness about the illegal killing of the whales. These gentle, beautiful ocean giants need our help and I’m here to stand by them and be the eyes for the rest of the world.

Increased awareness is important and the more that Sea Shepherd can show what is happening in the Southern Ocean, the more I believe the world will care and take action for our fellow ocean giants.  Any life we can save is not only a win for the whale; it’s a win for future generations of the world and the oceans.

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