Cristina CelyCristina Cely
Quartermaster/Medic - Chile

I grew up in the city, but my dad always made sure I was in contact with nature. He often took me to the beach and every time I went I felt like I was home. I still feel like this today, but the difference is that now it is actually home, the enchanted Galapagos Islands.

After volunteering for Sea Shepherd Galapagos for a year I decided to take part and join the Cove Guardians in October 2011. This experience changed the shape of my heart and made me want to be part of the warriors in a more active and present way. This will be my second campaign down to Antarctica on board The Bob Barker and I am really honored to once again be part of this campaign representing Latin America.

I am sickened by and tired of people taking away the lives of whales, dolphins and sharks. Planet Ocean needs all of our help and I am willing to give it all for these beautiful, intelligent, sentient beings. Last year we made it clear that we will not back down and that we will not stop until the illegal whalers do.

I am a vet, I was born with the desire to save lives, and that is what I will do.

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