Aisha ReynoldsAisha Reynolds
Audio Mixer - Australia

From a very young age, I had an innate understanding that animals deserve equal rights to humans. At six years old, I had already stopped eating animals and been caught more than once stealing buckets of fish from fisherman and throwing them back into the sea. After working as an Artist and Art Consultant for many years in the hope that through my art I could express my compassion for all creatures, I had become present to the lack of impact and change this was actually enabling.

Before joining the Sea Shepherd Crew in 2010 as a Deckhand on board The Bob Barker, I worked at Kindness House for Wildlife Victoria and volunteered as a wildlife rescuer and rehabilitation shelter operator, including Disaster Response Team search and rescue after bush-fires and floods, a DSE Seal & Cetacean Assessor and a DSE Licensed Venomous Snake Handler. I was confronted with so much suffering on a daily basis and the shocking reality of how irresponsible human interference impacts upon wildlife and upsets fragile, interconnected ecosystems, became all too apparent. I had dreamt of joining Sea Shepherd my entire life and at this point realised that now was the time to act. It is Sea Shepherd's overwhelming success through direct action that matched my belief that prevention of suffering and immediate change is best achieved through physical interference. Our oceans and life within, teetering on the precipice of impending total collapse, do not have the luxury of time waiting for bureaucratic governments to intervene.

Operation Relentless is my fourth campaign with Sea Shepherd. I sailed on The Steve Irwin for Operation No Compromise and Blue Rage II as a deckhand. I then became a member of the Film Production Team for Operation Zero Tolerance on The Bob Barker. Media for me is such a crucial tool in this battle in the Southern Ocean. Without it, the public would be blind to the yearly illegal slaughter. I am profoundly grateful for the privilege of being a part of this organisation and how it has inspired and transformed my life, and saved the lives of countless others.

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