Steve Irwin

The Steve Irwin

  • Length: 53 meters
  • Date Built: 1975
  • Max Speed: 16 knots
  • Country of Origin: Scotland, UK
  • Former Name: Westra
  • Former Job: Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency vessel
  • Most Interesting Fact: The Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency used the Westra to intercept and arrest poachers, as well as monitor compliance of the fisheries industry with Scottish and European Union law
  • First Sea Shepherd Expedition: December of 2007,  Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign, Operation Migaloo
  • Original SSCS Name: The Robert Hunter in memory of Captain Paul Watson’s friend and Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter
  • Current Name: In honour of the late Australian conservationist Steve Irwin
  • Next Mission: Operation Relentless – Captain Sid Chakravarty


Bob Barker

The Bob Barker

  • Length: 52.2 meters
  • Date Built: 1950
  • Country of Origin: Norway
  • Former Job: Whaling harpoon vessel until 1962
  • Most Interesting Fact: After retiring as a whaling ship in 1962, the vessel operated as a submarine seeker for the Norwegian Coast Guard, a fuel resupply vessel, and conducted paid Arctic wildlife tours
  • Former Name: Polaris
  • Current Name: The Bob Barker – in honour of its benefactor – American television personality, icon, and animal advocate Bob Barker
  • First Sea Shepherd Expedition: Departed December 18, 2009, from Mauritius, Africa, to defend the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary on Operation Waltzing Matilda
  • Next Mission: Operation Relentless – Captain Peter Hammarstedt


Sam Simon

The Sam Simon

  • Length: 56 meters
  • Date Built: 1993, Tokyo IHI Shipyard
  • Max Speed: 16 knots
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Most Interesting Fact: It was once a part of the Japanese whaling fleet
  • Former Job: Meteorological Observation Ship for Japan Government
  • Former Name: Seifu Maru
  • Current Name: Sam Simon - in honour of the co-creator and executive producer of “The Simpsons,” a member of Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors, and longtime champion of animals
  • First Sea Shepherd Expedition: November 2012, Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance
  • Next Mission: Operation Relentless - Captain Adam Meyerson

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