Sea Shepherd Australia - Ocean Defence Tour 2019

We are thrilled to announce Sea Shepherd Australia's biggest fundraising event this year - the 2019 Ocean Defence Tour! 

Celebrate our 42 years of frontline marine conservation by attending our Ocean Defence Tour at a town near you. Join Captain Peter Hammarstedt for an inside look at our campaigns to protect marine wildlife all around the world. 

This is an event not to be missed!

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  • What - Outdoor Family Festival with live music, ship tours, vegan food, workshops and speeches including a talk by Sea Shepherd Australia's Managing Director Jeff Hansen
  • Date - Saturday 19th of October
  • Time - 10am - 4pm
  • Location - Seaworks, 82 Nelson Pl, Williamstown VIC 3016
  • Entry - $12 per person
  • Purchase your tickets here
  • Event page


  • What - An Afternoon in the Vineyard with wine tasting, vegan pizza and speeches including a talk by Sea Shepherd Australia's Managing Director Jeff Hansen
  • Date - Sunday 20th of October
  • Time – 12 pm to 4 pm
  • Location - Wobbly Boot, 487 White Kangaroo Rd, Campania TAS 7026
  • Entry - $10 per person
  • Purchase your tickets here
  • Event page


  • What - A relaxed intimate evening with music, speeches, canapés and beverages
  • Date - Friday 25th of October 
  • Time - 7:30 pm to 10pm (VIP Entry from 7pm)
  • Location - The Freedom Hub, 283 Young St, Waterloo NSW 2017
  • Entry - Regular $30 per person & VIP $60 person
  • Purchase your tickets here
  • Event page


  • What - 'Chasing the Thunder' Documentary Screening
  • Date - Saturday 26th of October
  • Time - 4pm - 9:30pm
  • Location - Emerge Cafe, 1 Station Street, Toowoomba City, QLD 4350
  • Entry - $25 per person
  • Purchase your tickets here
  • Event page


  • What - Sea Shepherd’s 'Family Fiesta Fun Day' with live music, eco-workshops, speakers, markets, vegan food and drink vendors
  • Date - Sunday 27th of October
  • Time - 10am to 5pm
  • Location - QLD Maritime Museum, 412 Stanley St, Southbank QLD 4101
  • Entry -  by donation
  • Event page


  • Date - Saturday 2nd of November

Mt Gambier

  • What - 'Chasing Thunder' Documentary
  • Date - 3rd of November
  • Time - 5:30pm to 9:30 pm
  • Location - Wehl Street Theater, 7 Wehl St S, Mount Gambier SA 5290
  • Entry - $20 per person
  • Purchase your tickets here
  • Event page


  • What - Ocean Lovers Family Festivals
  • Date - 9th of November
  • Location - Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, WA 6006
  • Time - 11am - 4pm
  • Entry - $15
  • Purchase your tickets here
  • Event page


  • Date - 10th of November
  • Location - Froth Craft, 5 Kennedy St, Exmouth WA 6701
  • Times - 6pm to 9:30pm
  • Entry - by donation
  • Event page

Coral Bay

  • Date - 11th of November
  • Location - Bill’s Bar, Robinson St, Coral Bay WA 6701
  • Time -  6pm to 9:30pm
  • Entry - by donation
  • Event page


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About Captain Peter Hammarstedt 

Born in Sweden, Peter joined Sea Shepherd as soon as he was old enough to submit an application. He is the Director of Campaigns for Sea Shepherd Global, sits on the Board of Sea Shepherd Global, the Board of Sea Shepherd Netherlands and is Chairman of Sea Shepherd Australia. Peter also heads Sea Shepherd's illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) Taskforce for Africa.

In his fourteen years with Sea Shepherd, Peter has sailed the seven seas from the foreboding Labrador Coast to the treacherous Antarctic Continent, using direct intervention to save as many lives as possible from illegal whaling, sealing and destructive fishing practices.  Peter believes that in their capacity to suffer, animals are our equals and that when government fails in its responsibility to uphold the law, then it is the responsibility of compassionate people to fill the law enforcement vacuum.  



 About Jeff Hansen

Jeff Hansen is the Managing Director for Sea Shepherd Australia and a Director for Sea Shepherd Global. Jeff joined Sea Shepherd in 2006 to pursue his passion for marine conservation and protecting the natural world. Serving as a crew-member on two Antarctic whale defence campaigns, Jeff was instrumental in locating the illegal whaling fleet on both occasions.

Since Jeff’s baptism of fire with Sea Shepherd, he has not looked back. Jeff continues to play a pivotal role in driving Sea Shepherd both nationally and globally in tackling the three key threats to our oceans: illegal fishing, plastic pollution and climate change.

Jeff thinks that no matter the opposition, when ordinary people come together, extraordinary things can happen, and if there is one thing worth fighting for on this planet, it's life.



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