Exmouth resident and Sea Shepherd spokesperson Grace Keast said, "The annual competition, GAMEX, in Exmouth has previously taken place without conflicts between local conservationists and fishermen but this tide has just turned. The capture of a mature tiger shark measuring nearly 4 metres has caused an outcry in the local community."

"Local eco-tourism could be hard hit by such images. The industry that promotes best practice for swimming with mega-fauna being seen alongside the barbaric treatment of such a beautiful shark is a true contradiction of how we treat our life on Ningaloo Reef. We need to see more protection being offered to the apex predators of the oceans," said Ms Keast 

Sea Shepherd Australia's Managing Director Jeff Hansen commented, "Around the world, people spend millions of dollars to see and swim with Tiger sharks of this size, recognising their beauty and their importance as the doctors of the oceans, keystone, apex predators keeping our oceans healthy and in balance. WA’s GAMEX Fishing competition is a slap in the face to the hard work Exmouth has put into its eco-tourism over the years and a complete disconnect and disrespect to global conservation measures that recognise the importance of these vital apex predators in our oceans."

Tiger Shark hung up while still alive as part of GAMEX. Photo provided.Tiger Shark hung up while still alive as part of GAMEX. Photo provided.


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