Violinist and Composer Ysanne, strings for the “Smashing Pumpkins,” Launches “The Mermaid Song” with brand partner LUSH Cosmetics to Benefit Sea Shepherd

The marine-inspired jewelry of Russell Lownsbrough is featured in  the Mermaid SongThe marine-inspired jewelry of Russell Lownsbrough is featured in
the Mermaid Song
Photo: Martin Hobby
Hello music, beauty and Sea Shepherd fans! Today, May 13th, is the day “The Mermaid Song” launches worldwide in partnership with LUSH Cosmetics and Sea Shepherd.

Composed, performed, produced and directed by Ysanne, “The Mermaid Song” is the first release from Ysanne’s “The Coldwater Project,” a collection of 13 songs, each partnered with a corresponding brand and a worthy non-profit who benefits.

“The Mermaid Song” is available online as a digital bundle that can be downloaded for $2 in the USA, UK, and worldwide.

The film and music bundle contains TWO films (MOV) and FOUR music tracks (320kbps MP3):

Two Films:

  • The Mermaid Song (Director’s Cut)

  • The Mermaid Song (Lyrics Video)

Four Music Tracks:

  • The Mermaid Song

  • The Mermaid Arrives

  • The Mermaid Departs

  • The Mermaid Song (Instrumental)

The Mermaid Song features the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, a 44-piece symphony orchestra, conducted by Ysanne, in Prague. Ysanne composed the song, arranged the strings, recorded the vocals, and also directed and starred in the films.

Shot in the Art Deco apartment of painter Gail Potocki in Chicago that once housed legendary stars Gloria Swanson and Groucho Marx, “The Mermaid Song” film is a sumptuously luxuriant cinematic feast for the eyes. Drenched in nostalgia, opulence, and fine craftsmanship, the artistic film was shot almost entirely in one seamless take and showcases the extraordinary jewelry of Russell Lownsbrough alongside the exquisite paintings of Gail Potocki, who also appears in the film. Ysanne wears couture by Alexander McQueen and Terry de Havilland.

“The Mermaid Song” is available from Ysanne‘s brand partner, LUSH Cosmetics, as a download with their exclusive new product, “The Mermaid” bath bomb, which was inspired by her song. Customers who purchase “The Mermaid” bath bomb from LUSH US and LUSH UK will get a free download of the song. All proceeds from the sale of the bath bomb and the song and/or film will be generously donated to Sea Shepherd.

“I can’t think of a more effective marine wildlife conservation organization to benefit from ‘The Mermaid Song,’” Ysanne said. “I’m thrilled to offer this gift to Sea Shepherd,” she added.

Find out more about “The Mermaid Song” in this exclusive Los Angeles Times review.

“The Mermaid Song” Download AVAILABLE NOW

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