Red Hot Chili Peppers Show Big Love for Sea Shepherd at Big Day Out Music Festival

Side of stage at Perth BDOSide of stage at Perth BDOWith rave reviews from the Sydney and Gold Coast legs of the Big Day Out, Sea Shepherd Australia Chapters in Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne were amped for their Big Day Out dose of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Big Day Out certainly lived up to its name for the Sea Shepherd on-shore crew in Adelaide. A 7am set-up and an a late pack-up proved successful over the long day, with huge amounts of foot traffic thanks to the location near the main stage area. The crew chatted with a lot of excited revellers, who showed their support with donations and by purchasing merchandise.

The next day in Melbourne, the Sea Shepherd stall was constantly busy, with both long-time and enthusiastic new supporters stopping to share stories of love for the oceans, exchanging high fives and sending well wishes and thoughts to our crews in the Southern Ocean. By the time the Chili Peppers played there were Jolly Rogers everywhere and the crowd cheered wildly when the three massive screens showed campaign imagery and asked the crowd to donate generously to our cause.

Then it was on to the final show of the tour in Perth. The Sea Shepherd on-shore crew was consumed with fun from the moment they arrived. After the first patron walked through the gate the team was hyped-up, buzzing with energy whenever a supporter came up and had a chat or bought a shirt or two.

Sea Shepherd Director Anthony Kiedis took time out from his busy Big Day Out schedule to meet with Perth-based Director of Sea Shepherd Australia, Jeff Hansen, and his wife Marina. Anthony spoke about his passion for whales and the ocean and his support for Sea Shepherd, which has been ongoing since 1986. Anthony even has a Sea Shepherd shirt that is over 25 years old – a true sign of his long-term commitment to the cause!

Jeff gave Anthony an update on Operation Zero Tolerance as well as our various other projects, like the Galapagos, Kimberley Miinimbi and the up and coming Southern Operations Base.  Jeff and Marina caught up with Anthony and Flea after the show as well, and were given Sea Shepherd merchandise signed by the whole band (watch out for that in upcoming fundraisers!)

Jeff also handed a letter of gratitude to the band. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“My first Antarctic whale defence campaign was operation Migaloo and we were in port in Melbourne and were waiting on funds to get back to Antarctica to defend the whales. Well, in came a donation from the RHCP, which enabled us to buy the fuel we needed to get back down there. In an area with beautiful icebergs and whales everywhere, we came across 3 targets on our radar. Two targets moving fast in the fog and what seemed to be trying to take us away from our position and another, a third, a much larger target and moving not as fast. We were confident this was the floating slaughterhouse, the Nisshin Maru.”

Click here to read the letter in full.

As for the band’s performances; in every city, from show to show the Chili Peppers were RED HOT. Pumped-up and unrelenting, the band’s set lists read like a best-of track listing that had the crowds jumping from go to whoa.

For years, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been loud and proud in their support of Captain Watson and the work of Sea Shepherd. At a time when many governments and leaders around the world have said little and done less, the Chilis have actively joined the fight to protect our oceans.

For their support during the Big Day Out tour, and their on-going support everyday, we again extend our heart-felt gratitude to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer - Sea Shepherd thanks you!

Click here for Red Hot Chili Peppers at Sydney and Cold Coast BDO.

Sea Shepherd digital display before The Chilis take the stage at the Perth BDOSea Shepherd digital display before The Chilis take the stage at the Perth BDO

Josh Klinghoffer, Anthony Kiedis & Flea, from side of stage, BDO Perth.Josh Klinghoffer, Anthony Kiedis & Flea, from side of stage, BDO Perth.

On-shore crew at the Adelaide BDO.On-shore crew at the Adelaide BDO.

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