Banned: Single-use plastic bags will be outlawed in Victoria by the Andrews Government soon. Photo: Getty ImagesBanned: Single-use plastic bags will be outlawed in Victoria by the Andrews Government soon. Photo: Getty Images

TIRELESS Sea Shepherd volunteers were pivotal in playing a major part in the ban to outlaw single-use plastic bags in Victoria, announced last the week by the Andrews Government, by drawing attention to the dangerous impacts plastic bags can have on the environment. 

Sea Shepherd also strongly supported Greens MP Nina Springle who first raised the Bill to Ban the Bag to the Victorian Parliament and helped her keep it on the political agenda.

Narelle Huxley, who has been a long-time volunteer of Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris Campaign, said that at every single beach clean-up volunteers would engage with those who attended and talked about the dangers plastic bags can have on the environment, especially on marine life.

“We have literally collect hundreds of plastic bags or pieces of plastic bags from beaches all over the country at our beach clean-ups,” Narelle said.

“We have also assisted the Boomerang Alliance by having those who attend our events sign the Ban the Bag petition and we have been extremely active on our social media page drawing attention to the issue,” Narelle added.

She said Sea Shepherd was also strong in supporting other groups that have been petitioning to ban the bag such as Plastic Free Bag Victoria and have conducted a number of talks at primary and high schools to raise awareness of the issue.

Narelle also believes that delivering a presentation in front of a parliamentary panel on why we needed a ban on plastic bags and microbeads went a long way in helping influence the Andrews Government decision.

The fight to rid the ocean of plastic is not over yet though as New South Wales is the only state to not ban the bag.

You can find out more about Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris Campaign by visiting

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