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Jeff Hansen, Managing Director - Sea Shepherd Australia stated, "The Steve Irwin vessel has defended whales in Antarctica for over a decade, protected whales off the Kimberley coast and the Great Australian Bight. It has also facilitated the shutting down of the Interpol wanted bandit 6, toothfish poachers, operating in the Southern Ocean and 6 illegal drift-net vessels operating in the South Indian Ocean. To continue its relentless fight for the oceans, Sea Shepherd’s flag ship, the M/Y Steve Irwin desperately needs Australia’s help.”

“This warhorse for the oceans is currently getting an engine overhaul and the work has stalled due to lack of funds and Sea Shepherd is calling on Australians and people all over the world to please dig deep to get the Irwin back out to sea again once more. Up and coming campaigns include the defence of the Great Barrier Reef from the Adani coal mine, continued protection of the Great Australian Bight as well as future marine conservation work,” said Mr Hansen. 

“Sea Shepherd is incredibly lean and effective. We are only a handful of staff, globally, coordinating an army of volunteers and campaigns, and a fleet of 9 ships. The M/Y Steve Irwin has lead the charge for 10 years but ships are expensive and we really rely on the public’s support to keep our ships out to sea. If we can’t complete the engine overhaul, the Irwin will not be fit for sea and our operations will be severely hindered,” concluded Mr Hansen. 

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