Pearson IslandPearson Island

March 21, 2017 - Today Sea Shepherd launched the trailer for their up and coming movie entitled Operation Jeedara.

In August 2016, as part of the Great Australian Bight Alliance, Sea Shepherd sent their flagship vessel, the MY Steve Irwin deep into the Great Australian Bight.

It was an expedition to showcase the beauty of the region that would be lost if BP were allowed to drill for oil there and create a spill of similar or lesser size than their devastating spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

What Sea Shepherd captured is nothing short of extraordinary, showcasing truly what the Australian spirit is all about.

This documentary is a visual feast that will entice people from all over the world to see one of the Earth’s best kept secrets. 

the Steve Irwin near the Bunda Cliffs in the Great Australian Bight the Steve Irwin near the Bunda Cliffs in the Great Australian Bight

A grand wilderness area of global significance, a culture that dates back tens of thousands of years and communities who depend on the Bight’s gifts every day.

We invite you to get to know a little, remarkable places on par with the Galapagos, like Pearson Island, St Francis Isles, Nuyts Reef and one of the world’s most significant southern right whale nurseries at Head of Bight.

Journey with us on an epic adventure, to an ancient place of our Great Australian Bight, in the hope that together, our love for this magical place will grow, as with our resolve to protect it for all humanity.

Tickets for screenings and more information can be seen here:

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