As Taiji dolphin killers look to sister up with the Faroese whale murderers 

Sea Shepherd calls on Broome end relationship with TaijiThe western Japanese town of Taiji, known for its whale and dolphin hunts, said Wednesday it is establishing a sister city relationship with a town in the Faroe Islands known for their bloody pilot whale slaughter, known also as the Grind.

Taiji and Klaksvik on the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic are the only communities in the world which practice controversial drive hunting of cetaceans and their operations have been obstructed by Sea Shepherd in the past.

Jeff Hansen, Managing Director - Sea Shepherd Australia, Director - Sea Shepherd Global states: "The majority of Australians are opposed to all whaling and the killing of Dolphins, yet here we have the town of Broome in Western Australia with a sister relationship with the town of Taiji, Japan, whose bloody cruelty to dolphins and subsequent slave trade knows no limits. Now it seems imminent that Taiji will sister up with the Faeroes pilot whale slaughter, meaning that by default, Broome will also have a relationship with the only two communities in the world that drive cetaceans to the coast and slaughter them by the thousands in a sea of red."

"Sea Shepherd is calling on Broome, Western Australia to cease its sister relationship with Taiji, Japan and to represent the wishes of the Australian Public and not those of the cruel and barbaric cetacean killers from Taiji and the Faeroes. Broome is one of Australia’s prime tourist destinations, however right now its tainted red with the their association with the Taiji dolphin killings and whats looks imminent to be the Faeroes Pilot whale slaughter."

"Broome has the power to make a stand here, that will help end this horrific killing. The Shire of Broome must cut off its ties with Taiji, at least until this slaughter ends.

Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson said: “Klaksvik, Faeroe Islands, is recovering from a recent divorce from their former sister city of Wick in Scotland whose residents decided to call off their sister city relationship because they were disgusted with the sick perversion called the Grindadrap; the mass murder of Pilot whales and other dolphin species. It’s time that Broome did the same as Wick and severed their ties to these bloody slaughters.” 

Broome has the power to make a stand here and we urge everyone to write, ring and email the Broome shire councillors here:

Together we can be the voice for the cetaceans of Taiji, Japan and the Faeroes so their screams don't go in vain.

Thank you!

Sea Shepherd calls on Broome end relationship with Taiji

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