Sea Shepherd is proud to have the support of Australian surfing legend  Mark "Occy" Occhilupo

Occy surfing at Teahupo'oOccy surfing at Teahupo'o
Occy is one of Australia's most loved and respected sporting heroes. The former World Surfing Champion has a life long connection with the ocean, beginning to surf from the age of nine. He began his professional career on the World Championship Tour (WCT) at the age of 17. Over the years he built a strong reputation for his powerful and aggressive style in the water. At 21-year-old Occy scored a part in the Hollywood surf flick North Shore along with another surfing legend, Tom Curren. Today he still loves the surf as much as he did as a youngster, surfing 3 times a day when the surf is good near his Gold Coast home. That love of the ocean has lead him to become a passionate defender of whales. In this video released for Fuel TV, Occy talks about the threats to the whales of the Southern Ocean and about how Sea Shepherd has come to their defence.

Occy said, "I fell in love with the ocean at a very young age, just because it lives and breathes and kind of talks to you. It's a really peaceful place to be. I believe the more popular surfing gets, the more we can reach out and educate everyone to what's going on. Everyone that loves surfing should get behind Sea Shepherd. They're the only ones that are doing hands on work in their boats. They're going out there to stop these whalers"

"Surfers live and breath what Sea Shepherd is all about, that deep appreciation and connection with the ocean. Surfers are tied to the ocean as all our fate is, for all life on this planet is dependant upon a healthy ocean. Sea Shepherd is honoured to have the amazing support of Occy and Fuel TV and we look forward to working together in the battle to save our dying oceans". - Jeff Hansen, Australian Director.

Mark Occhilupo SS Fuel TV Video
Two Fin whales swimming free because of Sea ShepherdOccy with Sea Shepherd Australia's Tim Watters during filming of video
photo: Sea Shepherd Australia

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