Both Faroese court hearings for a total of eleven Operation GrindStop 2014 volunteers have been postponed. Again.

The GrindStop volunteers arrested during the August 30th grindThe GrindStop volunteers arrested during
the August 30th grind
Photo: Sea Shepherd
The eight Operation GrindStop boat crewmembers, who were arrested in Sandoy August 30th in connection with the grind, appeared in court today. After more than seven hours of questioning, the case was continued to October 13th.

The case of the Spitfire and its three crew, who were arrested September 17th as they helped divert hundreds of dolphins back out to sea, has been postponed from Friday, September 26th, to October 2nd.

The prosecutor is asking the judge to deport all eleven Sea Shepherd volunteers and ban them from the Faroe Islands for one year. Police are still holding all the Sea Shepherd boats involved. The court will consider whether to keep the boats and auction them off in the Faroes.

For background information, please read our previous news update: Sea Shepherd Crews to Appear in Faroese Court this Week

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