The 4 drumlines in at Noosa. Photo: Sea ShepherdThe 4 drumlines in at Noosa. Photo: Sea Shepherd

Whether by oversight or a deliberate act, Noosa’s Granite Bay beach now has four Shark Control Program drum lines instead of the permitted three.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website clearly shows the expected numbers and positioning of all Shark Control Program equipment. Permits are required for variations.

Sea Shepherd’s Queensland Coordinator of their Apex Harmony Campaign, Jonathan Clark said, “This example of sloppy work by a Queensland Shark Control Program contractor is completely unacceptable. There are already serious questions hanging over the destructive technologies employed in this program and to increase the numbers of drum lines deployed allegedly without the required permit, is scandalous.”

Mr Clark added, “There is a QSCP contractor before the courts right now for allegedly illegal activities. This instance only adds to the questions already raised about the practices of Department of Agriculture and Fisheries contractors.”

Mr Clark alleged, “The Noosa Main Beach equipment this year has entangled migrating humpback whales, killed dolphins and numerous other precious marine animals including sharks well below the targeted size.”

Mr Clark added, “Sea Shepherd Australia urges members of the public to use the state election to make it clear to politicians that Queensland’s marine life deserves better. Our tourism industry deserves better. And ocean users deserve shark bite mitigation practices that provide much more than the false sense of safety that drum lines and nets do.”

The Queensland Shark Control Program Hotline was contacted by Mr Clark and the officer was unwilling to provide any comment on the situation.



Map of Sunshine Coast SCP Equipment:

Specific Locations of SCP Equipment:

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