Drum lines used within WA shark cull. Photo: Tim WattersDrum lines used within WA shark cull. Photo: Tim WattersSea Shepherd Australia is concerned that boaties are at risk due to the lack of information from the New South Wales’ Government regarding the placement of listening stations and smart drum lines in Ballina and Byron Bay.

Without a notice to mariners regarding the location of these new technologies, boaties run the risk of running into and over smart drum lines during rough conditions and poor lighting.

National Shark Campaign Coordinator for Sea Shepherd Australia has started that even Marine Rescue Ballina have not been informed of their positions and therefore can not inform boaties of the navigational hazard.

“It is absolutely ludicrous to have new bouys and lines in the water and just expect boaties to avoid them when they accidentally come upon them,” Natalie said.

“The New South Wales Government is putting the lives of boaties at risk, which could see a lot of mariners up in arms about the lack of information regarding these navigational hazards.”

As New South Wales waterways are governed by the Department of Fisheries, the same Department responsible for the deployment of smart drum lines, Sea Shepherd Australia is calling on Minister Niall Blair to protect local mariners.

“It would appear to make total sense to me that mariners are advised of these hazards, particularly when the most recent alert to boaties is that a mooring bouy has been removed from the Sydney Harbour,” Natalie said.

“A mooring bouy is a similar to a bouy attached to a drum line and therefore carries the same type of navigational hazard for boaties.”

Sea Shepherd has previously called on the New South Wales to be more transparent regarding the deployment of smart drum lines, but has not heard from the Department of Primary Industries this since the 11th December, when an email was sent to Dr. Bob Creese and Mr. Geoff Allen.

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