The Winsome Constance Kindness Gold MedalThe Winsome Constance Kindness Gold MedalEach year Philip Wollen awards the Winsome Constance Kindness Gold Medal and Prize to the individual whose humanitarian service has made a profound mark on the world, and for whom the powerless are precious.

The award is named in honour of Philip Wollen’s mother Winsome and grandmother Constance.

This prestigious award has been awarded in the past to great people including Sir David Attenborough, Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dame Jane Goodall, Mrs Maneka Gandhi MP, Captain Paul Watson, Dr Jill Robinson, Dr Christine Townend, Dr Ian Gawler and Sri Pradeep Nath.

Speaking at the launch of the 2016 Campaign against the Japanese whale poachers in Antarctica, Mr Wollen said:

“Peter is a most worthy recipient of this prestigious honour. An accomplished mariner, a master tactician, and an inspiring leader, Peter represents the future of compassionate environmentalism”.

In accepting the Gold Medal, Peter has graciously requested that the $20,000 Cash Prize be donated towards Sea Shepherd’s Campaign in the Southern Ocean.

Captain Peter Hammarstedt remarked on acceptance of the Medal and Prize, "Receiving the Kindness Gold Medal is one of the greatest honours of my life. The accomplishments and successes that I am being acknowledged for were made possible thanks to the hard work and support of my ship's crew, Sea Shepherd's onshore volunteers, and generous people like Philip and Trix Wollen who fund Sea Shepherd's global operations. I humbly accept the medal on behalf of myself and my crew who chased the notorious poaching vessel F/V Thunder for 110 days; and the crews who have stood fast against the Japanese whaling fleet for many long sojourns to the Antarctic. The medal acknowledges all of our accomplishments in saving marine wildlife; I feel lucky to have been entrusted with standing at the helm for many of them.”

"I have known Peter now for almost 10 years and he never ceases to amaze me with his commitment, resolve and dedication to our wondrous planet and all life that reside here. It is so great to see Peter getting the acknowledgement he deserves with this very prestigious and credible award. Peter has made countless sacrifices over the years, away from his family and those dear to him, yet in donating the award prize money back to the oceans, shows further the humbleness and selflessness of this wonderful human being that I am proud to call my friend."  Said Jeff Hansen, Director Sea Shepherd Australia, Director Sea Shepherd Global.

Philip Wollen OAM is a philanthropist and a former Vice President of Citibank. He has received the Medal of the Order of Australia and won Australian of the Year (Victoria) for his initiatives that support over 500 animal, environmental and social justice projects around the world. Philip Wollen has generously supported Sea Shepherd campaigns since 2003.

Phil Wollen presents medal to Captain Peter Hammarstedt at the Ocean Defence Tour fundraiser in Melbourne. Phil Wollen presents medal to Captain Peter Hammarstedt at the Ocean Defence Tour fundraiser in Melbourne.

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