Endangered Loggerhead Turtle caught in shark nets at Ballina, NSWEndangered Loggerhead Turtle caught in shark nets at Ballina, NSW

On the morning of Monday 18th December, the Apex Harmony crew were out documenting off Lighthouse Beach in Ballina when they spotted a turtle entangled in the net. Upon closer inspection, it was found to be a live endangered Loggerhead turtle.

Queensland Coordinator Jonathan Clark contacted NSW DPI immediately however the SMART drum line contractor who was in the vicinity came over to the net and assisted in freeing the turtle from the entangled mess.

NSW Apex Harmony Coordinator Allyson Jennings said “Once again, the nets have indiscriminately claimed an endangered Loggerhead turtle and had our crew not been there for this animal, it would have most certainly died by drowning. Is this what we want people around the world to see? That we kill marine life to provide a false sense of security for ocean users? It is peak breeding season for this species and every individual counts.”

Mr Clark further added “Our crews have found 7 non target animals in the nets in 6 runs within a week. These discoveries and the data from the first trial are solid proof that these nets are nothing but a failure in terms of safety for ocean users and are killing marine life unnecessarily.”

“It is time the Ballina Shire Mayor David Wright and the NSW Government wake up and start accepting the findings from the federal senate inquiry report, that these nets are ineffective for ocean safety and tarnishing our image as a nature loving country locally and internationally” said Ms Jennings.

Endangered Loggerhead Turtle caught in shark nets at Ballina, NSW


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