Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd Ocean Defender provides an exclusive radio interview with the President of Rainforest Radio Jani Schulz

Captain Paul WatsonCaptain Paul Watson is a marine conservationist, advocate for animal rights, Canadian writer and author, and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society an NGO protecting seals, dolphins, whales, sharks, sea turtles and other marine animals.

Watson, a member of the Sea Shepherd organisation dedicated to marine conservation is wanted for accused crimes such as endangering a ship illegally finning sharks by a Costa Rican vessel in Guatemalan waters after obtaining permission from Guatemala authorities to bring the vessel in for breaking the law. In 2002, after the legal action in Guatemalan waters, Captain Watson was contained in Costa Rican waters by the Coast Guard for aiding the Guatemalan authorities in an illegal fishing operation by the Costa Rican Vessel. Captain Watson was eventually released and charges were dropped. Ironically when the 2002 incident occurred, Captain Watson was on his way to Costa Rica's Cocos Island by invitation of the Costa Rican Government to help defend the waters around Costa Rica's most diverse marine treasure.
In April, 2012, 10 years after the incident, Captain Paul Watson was arrested in Germany and released on bail awaiting extradition to Costa Rica on charges which had been dropped a decade before. Upon payment of the bail in Germany, Japan also issued an arrest warrant for accused crimes similar to the accusations in Costa Rica. However, Watson jumped bail and left Germany for fear of being recaptured and murdered by the Japanese for his successful efforts in slowing the illegal whaling by the Japanese fleets. On several occasions, the Canadian voiced fears that the Costa Rica action in Germany was just a ploy to later deliver him to the Japanese authorities. Many environmental groups disagreed with the arrest warrant issued by Costa Rica, as the conservationist is considered a "legendary fighter" and a "Saviour of Our Oceans".

Watson's participation in social networks is active, but his whereabouts are unknown, However, none of this will stop Captain Watson from addressing the public in his first live interview after his escape from Germany in 2012. According to Schullz, Captain Paul Watson will speak to the world about his experiences: his past, his present, his future, his hopes and dreams for Costa Rica, his feelings about the death of Jairo Mora Sandoval and his opinions on how a world united can save our Oceans. Schulz also stresses Captain Paul Watson has agreed to answer very tough questions presented to her from the global community through social media, emails and phone calls. The live interview with Captain Paul Watson will be held Wednesday, June 26, 2013 on Schulz's show Jana of the Jungle live on 11am PST. Simulcasts will be heard Nationally in Costa Rica on Rainforest Radio 960 AM CST, streaming worldwide on or on cell phones using the tune in app or downloadable phone apps from

Captain Paul Watson - Founder of Sea Shepherd

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