Have your say on platic pollution in Western Australia.Hvae your say on the WA Pastic Bag ban proposal before the end of March 9.

Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris Campaign is a nationwide movement to stem the tide of marine debris in the world’s oceans and waterways.

Over the weekend, our volunteers at a Marine Debris Beach Clean-up removed over 600 plastic bags from the banks of the Swan River in Western Australia which is home to dolphins, pelicans, black swans and other precious wildlife.

Right now, the Western Australian State Government is asking for your feedback on the upcoming
proposed plastic bag ban and this is the best chance we have to let them know how we feel about some of the items we constantly find on our beautiful beaches.

In just a few minutes, you can help the oceans by making a submission through the link below, and let the government know how you feel about straws, balloon releases and other plastic bag alternatives. Plastic pollution affects everyone, therefore, anyone can fill in this submission:


The Environment Minister has indicated that the ban could be extended if there is enough public support, we must act now. We are asking for the legislation to include degradable, biodegradable and compostable bags to ensure these creatures are protected in the future.

Why? Degradable bags are still plastic and biodegradable and compostable bags require special conditions to break up that are not found in the oceans. All are lethal to wildlife.

Our voices need to be loud and many but so far the government have received just over 2,500 submissions. Queenslanders made 26,000 submissions and their politicians listened. We can do the same here in WA.

There is no time to waste, it only takes a few minutes to have your say but your actions will have a lasting impact on the marine environment. 

Click here to make your submission now: https://ccwa.good.do/plasticban/submission/

For the Oceans

Consultation closes at 5pm, March 9 and is not limited to West Australians

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