01 Steve Irwin EM 160811

The M/Y Steve Irwin in the Great Australian Bight on Operation Jeedara in 2016. 

The M/Y Steve Irwin's Itinerary

The duration of the expedition at this stage is around two weeks, with the following planned itinerary *Itinerary is subject to change:

  • Monday, March 19, 2018: M/Y Steve Irwin departs Port Adelaide enroute to Pearson Is. 
  • Tuesday, March 20: Arrive at Pearson Is. Conduct 2 dives (Southeast Bay & Inner Bay South)
  • Wednesday, March 21: Pearson Is. 3 dives (Inner Bay North, East) 
  • Thursday, March 22: Pearson Is./ Flinders Is. 1 dive at Pearson (Northwest Bay).
    1 dive at Flinders (Southeast coast)
  • Friday, March 23: Flinders Is 3 dives (Southeast coast) 
  • Saturday, March 24: Flinders Is / Top Gallant. 2 dives at Flinders (Southeast/Northwest Coast).
    1 dive at Top Gallant
  • Sunday, March 25: Pearson Is/ Ward Is. 2 dives at Pearson 
  • Monday, March 26: Pearson Is/Flinders. No dives. Observing.
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Operation Jeedara
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