Sea ShepherdSea Shepherd is very focused on running a lean ship and takes pride on delivering results. We measure our successes by the number of poachers we shut down or the number of lives we save. We have enjoyed some great successes over the years with limited funds and resources.

Where others talk, we act.

  • In our ten Antarctic whale defence campaigns, we have directly saved the lives of over 5,000 whales in protection of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary from illegal whalers.
  • In the past two years we have shut down the remaining six illegal tooth fish poachers that were wanted by Interpol, handing them over to the halls of justice, while retrieving over 72 kilometres of illegal gill net from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean. In working with Interpol and government, jail time and heavy fines up to $15 million euro resulted.
  • Earlier this year we scattered and chased six illegal Chinese drift netters back to China that were operating in the South Indian Ocean. As a result, the Chinese government has suspended fishing licenses, handed out heavy fines and cancelled master certifications. Drift netting is a destructive, indiscriminate practice outlawed worldwide since 1992.
  • We are also currently off the coast of Gabon in West Africa at the invitation of the Government of Gabon, supplying the vessel and volunteer crew, while the Gabonese Navy provide the enforcement officers to make the arrest of vessels coming from all over the globe to poach the tuna rich waters.

Most of Sea Shepherd’s work is conducted by on shore and at sea volunteers. We only have a handful of staff coordinating the campaigns, meaning that we strive to be as effective as we can be with the limited resources we have in defence of our life giving oceans. In fact, because we have been so effective with delivering results for the world’s oceans, there is a perception out there that we are a big organisation with adequate funding; however, nothing could be further from the truth.

We greatly appreciate any support we can get and will put it to go use in maximizing donations into delivering results for the oceans and future generations.

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